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As a freelance writer, as well as a scriptwriter and producer for several radio stations, Jon has written radio and television commercials covering the spectrum of advertising. From Subway to the Southern New Mexico Wine Festival, his commercials focus on content, backed by strategic marketing techniques for maximum effectiveness. Jon has also served as an instructor for radio commercial scriptwriters new to the business of marketing and advertising. His radio experience includes writing for lengths of 15, 30, and 60-second commercials.
"alpha one two" (60 seconds) (writer)
"bank of boss" (60 seconds) (writer)
"louis" (60 seconds) (writer/director)
"good person" (60 seconds) (writer)
"falling prices" (60 seconds) (writer)
"got gas?" (60 seconds) (writer)
"paperboy" (60 seconds) (writer)
"home honda" (60 seconds) (writer)
"crossword" (60 seconds) (writer)
"sanford honda"(60 seconds) (writer)

sales/characterization humor
"dirt lot" (60 seconds) (writer)
"the light" (60 seconds) (writer)

"tom young's fitness" (30 seconds) (writer)
"national tourism week" (30 seconds) (writer)
"maxim healthcare" (30 seconds) (writer)

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