The Animated Voyages

Captain O'Shea

Commanding Officer

First seen in the television episode, The Pirates of Orion, Svenquist O'Shea took command of the USS Starhaven soon after, describing his arrival as a homecoming. With only minutes on screen in the televised episode, his lead role in The Animated Voyages allows for greater exploration of his character.

The characters of Star Trek: The Animated Voyages are composed of new faces to the Star Trek universe created specifically for this comic book series, as well as background, minor, and guest characters seen in Star Trek: The Animated Series.

Starhaven Emblem

The Animated Voyages has an exciting cast of characters recognizing established lore while creating unique, new additions to Star Trek.

Commander Thelin

First Officer/Science Officer

An andorian character from the televised episode, Yesteryear, Thelin served aboard the Enterprise in an alternate timeline. When the "prime" timeline was corrected, Thelin wasn't seen again in the series. Unlike Spock, Thelin's emotional side surfaces often, though it is tempered by his scientific mind.
Lieutenant Callaway

Second Officer/Chief Engineer

An original character name to The Animated Voyages, Scarlett Callaway is a twin-sister of Ann Nored (TAS: The Survivor), though Scarlett's career took her to the engine room rather than the armory, a decision which has benefited the Starhaven crew.

Doctor Wyatt

Chief Medical Officer

An original character to The Animated Voyages, Commander Horatio Wyatt left retirement to return to Starfleet and serve aboard the Starhaven, at the request of Captain O'Shea. Doctor Wyatt's dedication to medicine drives his continued service.
Lieutenant Gabler

Helm Officer

A crossover-character from a few of The Animated Series television episodes, Lieutenant Frank Gabler's technical and experiential expertise serves him well as the Starhaven's helm officer and occasional engineer in The Animated Voyages.
Lieutenant Daedal


An original character to The Animated Voyages, Daedal, like his fellow Edosian Arex, serves as navigator of his starship, as well as taking on interim command duty. Readers will notice variances in Daedal's facial and uniform appearance to separate him from Arex, while staying true to his species.

Ensign Erickson

Communications Officer

An original character name to the series, Virginia Erickson's physical appearance was first seen in the television episode The Pirates of Orion as an unnamed officer, serving with O'Shea aboard the USS Huron. It was fitting for O'Shea to bring her aboard the Starhaven.
U.S.S. Starhaven


Like other Constitution-Class starships, the USS Starhaven's mission is one of exploration. During the production of Perils of Waves and War, the creative team welcomed their first child into the world. Being that ships of this era had registries even at 956, using 927 (birth date of 9.27) was an appropriate fit as both a family honor and a connection to continuity.