The Animated Voyages
Special Features

The following includes many extras from the digital comics available for use in the advertisement of The Animated Voyages. For interview and feature requests, to submit fan art, or for general reader mail, please contact the creative team.

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About the Series

Star Trek: The Animated Voyages is a graphic novel, fan fiction spin-off of the animated television show, a nostalgic homage to 70's Star Trek updated in a modern comic book format. With hundreds of hours spent in story development and design, The Animated Voyages is devoted to quality storytelling through engaging plot lines with graphically exciting image composites and new digital artwork. Set aboard the USS Starhaven, a Constitution-Class starship, the series includes a mix of established characters and new faces to the Star Trek Universe.

Publicity Material

"The Redirection Factor" Comic Strip (URL Bookmark Notice)

"Star Trek: The Animated Voyages" Series Logo

Publicity "Crew Photo"

"Star Trek: The Animated Voyages" YouTube "Commercial"

Features and Awards

March 2017
Interviewed by the Trek Writer's Guild

March 2017
Series Spotlight and Profile on Trek Fiction

May 2016
Featured on Outpost 10F's Blue Report

March 2016
Initial 4-Issue Arc Featured on

November 2015
Featured on Outpost 10F's Blue Report

October 2015
Awarded the Ex Astris Excellentia Award

May 2015
Interview with Jon Markiewitz for Blue Report Back Stage

May 2015
Featured on Outpost 10F's Blue Report

May 2015
Series Spotlight at the Trek Writer's Guild

March 2015
Feature and Review at Krypton Radio

March 2015
Featured Article at TrekToday

December 2014
Featured in digital comic books

Fan Artwork

Submitted by Kail Tescar

Submitted by Kail Tescar