The Animated Voyages

Preview Page

Preview Page

Preview the opening panels of Perils of Waves and War, the first issue of the Star Trek: The Animated Voyages adventures.

"In the world of Star Trek fan fiction,
we sometimes see works that are
elaborately and lovingly done with
painstaking attention to detail.
Star Trek: The Animated Voyages
is such a project."
- Krypton Radio

Perils of Waves and War

Issue 1

An investigation into the disappearances of two Starfleet vessels escalates to a confrontation of galactic proportions.

48 pages | Published Dec 2014

Eyes of New Harvest

Issue 2

O'Shea returns to a home he once knew, only to find secrets revealed from a people known solely from myths and legends.

48 pages | Published May 2015
"Here are suspensefully written and beautifully illustrated new adventures."
- Ex Astris Scientia

Upon the Outward World

Issue 3

An unlikely alliance confronts the force responsible for powering the distortion waves and transporter anomalies.

48 pages | Published Oct 2015

Issue 4

The story arc concludes and the tapestry unravels as O'Shea and the Starhaven crew fight for survival on the eve of annihilation.

48 pages | Published March 2016 | @jonmarkiewitz